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Pet Policy

At Hotel Villa Barbarich your pets are very much welcome: we’d just ask you to pay attention to a few rules listed below, so as to ensure that you, the other hotel guests and your four-legged friends all have a pleasant stay.


·       For animals staying at the hotel, you’ll need to pay a supplementary fee of €50 every three days, in order to cover for extra cleaning and sanitisation procedures.

·       Whilst we love each and every animal, we can only accept small to medium-sized dogs in our building.

·       You’ll only be able to stay in certain types of rooms if you’re bringing a pet with you, such as the Superior Garden with a private garden.

If you’re planning on taking a pet with you, it’s important that you let the hotel know at the time of booking.

·       We can only accept one animal per room.

·       Unfortunately, the dining room and wellbeing area are out of bounds for your four-legged friends.

·       In order to protect your pet and other guests in the Hotel, access to the swimming pool, the solarium area surrounding it and the relaxation area inside the facility is not permitted.

·       Please put your pet on a lead or in a carrier whenever you’re out of your room and in any communal areas.

·       We’ll take care of your pet’s comfort: on arrival in your room, you’ll find a lovely little travel kit with everything you need (pillow, bowls, snacks and a small gift).

·       Your pets are your responsibility at all times during your stay.

·       Please note that housekeeping will not take place while your pet is alone in the room: this is for the safety and comfort of your pet.

·       Out of respect for other guests, we’d ask you to ensure your pets are kept clean.

·       We are relying on your cooperation to ensure that your pet doesn’t cause excessive noise, become aggressive, or cause damage/offence to objects, people or other animals. If this is the case, staff responsible for managing Hotel Villa Barbarich may - at their own discretion and based on the extent of the damage - charge an additional fee, request compensation, or remove the animal from the premises.

·       In all external areas that Hotel Villa Barbarich is responsible for, owners must personally clean up after their animals. We’d also like to remind you of the relevant local laws that apply to areas outside the Villa.


    Thank you for choosing to enjoy your stay with your four-legged friends at Hotel Villa Barbarich.



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