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Covid 19 – Guidelines on our safety procedures

In order to ensure you feel safe and confident during your stay, we’ve put a number of measures into place that follow both regional and national guidelines, and we’ve also temporarily modified our commercial policies. We are confident that – thanks to the cooperation of all our guests - you’ll be able to enjoy a safe holiday and make the most of your time with us.

Our set of procedures has 3 key focuses:

·    Ensuring the highest quality in all our services;

·    Making sure our processes work effectively;

·    Improving the experience of our guests for a peaceful and safe holiday.

This set of procedures will be valid until further notice and covers all hotel, restaurant and wellness services. Limited services may be further extended if deemed necessary by management.

How your stay will be different

Arrival and Check-in:

When you arrive, please put your mask on: it’s compulsory to wear it in all parts of the Villa;
At check-in, our colleagues will take your body temperature;
In addition to the normal arrival procedures, you will be asked to sign an informed consent form, stating that you understand and accept our rules;
During your stay, you’ll need to wear your mask, wash your hands on a regular basis and use the sanitising stations.

Sanitised, safe rooms:

In addition to the thorough cleaning operations consistently carried out by our staff across all floors, your room will only become available to you after a complete sanitisation procedure. Our service staff can only enter the room if they are wearing clean gloves and a mask.


The Spa is temporarily closed in line with our current procedures.

Kitchen, Bar and Restaurant

Our kitchen staff are required to use gloves and masks during food processing. Food is cooked and/or blast frozen. When fresh products are used, they are always washed with food disinfectants.
Once sat at the table, you can take your mask off and put it in your pocket or bag – we’d ask you not to put it on the table.
The restaurant will be sanitised every day when it’s closed to guests.

Communal Areas

In the communal areas of the hotel, the seats have been arranged in a way that guarantees you with maximum privacy and social distancing.

How you can help us as guests

Self-Certification and Informed Consent:

On arrival at the Villa, you will be asked to sign a declaration that you have no symptoms of a contagious disease and that you are not in breach of any rules regarding inter-regional travel and quarantine restrictions.

Social Distancing:

Please maintain a distance of two metres from staff members and hotel guests (except those you’re sharing your room with).

Personal Hygiene:

We’d ask you to maintain a high level of hand hygiene by washing them often and thoroughly with water and soap, and by regularly using the hand sanitising stations located throughout the Villa. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth.

Use of personal protective equipment:

Please remember that once you’ve removed your mask in the restaurant, you should put it in your bag or pocket, and not on tables, chairs or surfaces.
Broken and used masks must never be left around: instead they should be disposed of in the appropriately marked bins, which can be found throughout the hotel.  
Our staff can provide you with disposable masks if required.

Keeping an eye on your health - What to do if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Cough, conjunctivitis, a body temperature higher than 37.5°C, nasal congestion, headache, diarrhoea, weakness, loss of taste and/or smell and difficulty breathing.

If you experience any of the symptoms above, you must:

Isolate yourself at once in your room, and
Inform the hotel reception immediately. Our staff will provide you with all the assistance you’ll need.
At Villa Barbarich we’re doing everything we can to ensure your stay is as safe as possible. Uncooperative attitudes and behaviours that could negatively impact the health of other guests and staff will not be tolerated. Failure to respect the rules described here is equivalent to breaching the laws of the Italian State. Any transgressors will therefore be immediately reported to the relevant authorities.

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